Automotive Locksmithing: In this automotive locksmith training, students will learn about all types of automotive locks, keys, key systems, and common security features especially in modern automobiles. They will also learn about different tools and equipment to perform required automotive locksmithing tasks, such as key cutting, lock picking, and other diagnostic tools for electronic key systems.

Automotive Locksmith Training 1 (5 days)

Key Topics

  • VIN Technology & Decoding
  • Identifications & References
  • Cylinder Exemplars
  • Cylinder Deconstruction
  • Cylinder and Key Construction
  • Car Opening & Tools
  • Sight Reading & Scope Usage
  • Key Impressioning
  • Key Blank Determination
  • Key Generation Theory & First Working Key Generation
  • Use of Code Books, Software & Reference Materials
  • Decoding & Cutting By Code
  • Cam Locks
  • Pin Tumbler Impressioning
  • Determinator Tools
  • Kobra Reader Tools
  • EZ Reader Tools

Tuition Fees

Automotive Locksmithing 1:$1999.00


Automotive Locksmithing 2 (5 days)

Key Topics

  • High-Security Key Systems
  • Key Cutting Equipment
  • Key Generation
  • Transponder Systems & Tools
  • Programming Procedures
  • CAN Systems
  • PROX Systems
  • Laptop Based Options
  • Troubleshooting- Multiple/Extensive
  • Hands On key generation and lock disassembly with HONDA, LEXUS, and VW
  • Includes information on programming and troubleshooting: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and VW/Audi.

Automotive Locksmithing Tuition Fees

Automotive Locksmithing 2:$1999.00

This Automotive locksmith training aims to equip locksmith students to provide quality automotive locksmithing services, to ensure that they have the expertise needed to address the requirements of working with the vehicles locks and keys.


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